Friday, August 26, 2016
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Bringing a Friend

naughty kennedy kresslerShooting on a budget means making choices. Sometimes these choices are great other times they aren't. Models, for obvious reasons want to bring someone along to the shoot if they have never worked with you. She has no idea that you aren't just another GWC (guy with camera). So, what do you do? You can agree to the model bringing a chaparone or you can choose not to allow it. I've found surprises in both cases, some uncomfortable and some really rewarding.

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Spring Has Sprung

The buds are poppin, the heat's turnin up and the days are getting longer. All that and the occasional skirt or shorts on the women downtown indicate one thing. Spring is on it's way. With that, it's time to break out the camera gear, dust off the lighting equipment and start researching locations and lining up models for the upcoming months of spring and summer. Those of you that live in warm climates have us northerners at a disadvantage but I think we make up for it with gusto in more ways than one.

Models working in the cool temperatures are TOUGH. I've seen girls turn a light shade of blue but keep working to get "the shot". I've seen goose bumps the size of bb's and models shaking from near hypothermia, this is extreme erotica and you better like it! I'm hoping to get up into the hills this summer and shoot some of the locations I scouted last season while camping in the mountains of Colorado.

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Dancers as Models

Working with dancers is a pretty good way to go if you can get them interested in your project. These women typically have a very guarded attitude when it comes to someone tossing them a card while they are on stage. I was fortunate enough to work with a few of the local dance publications and worked diligently to bring about a change in the portrayal of dancers in them. Some people just don't get it. If they wanted to be hookers they would be hookers.

I realize in some cities the line blurs but in Portland, Oregon, the highest per-capita instance of adult venues in the US, dancers are for the most part performance artists. I do know some of them break the rules but they are few and far between in this arena.

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Let's Talk Lighting

Ok... the most important thing to remember about photography is... come on.... you know it...  LIGHT.  That's right, light or the absence of it make an image. Some photographers spend all their time mastering light others master their camera technique and a third group masters the interaction between the model and the camera. It's rare to see someone that's new to photography get all three facets represented in their work but when they finally get it, like I did. It's pretty much the most exciting thing you can think of for a photographer. Seeing all those elements tangled up nicely in an image just seems like magic.

My progression went this way. First, I picked up the camera and started shooting film, lots of film. I had no idea what I was doing but I had an awareness about me to strive for better and better images. I'd say that most of my work back then was based on trial and error and pure luck. There was no instant preview so you had to meter like crazy and rely on you past experiences and seldom made notes of similar photography sessions to help guide you along. I read books and magazines, gleaning them for all the tricks the pros used but seldom found what I was looking for. Back then, there were "secrets" that only few shared. Sure you saw articles in magazines but mostly they were about getting better snapshots of your vacation and children and focused almost entirely on gear. The magazines were all about advertising gear for sale so that was what you got.

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Winter Fever

Got ants in your pants waiting for Summer? Now is the time to plan for upcoming shoots by working through new ideas and finding the perfect models to book for them. Hit up CraigsList, ModelMayhem and of course OneModelPlace to track down models that want to update their portfolios or who charge within your project's talent budget.

Send them enough information so they know what they are getting into but leave out any details that would give away your idea. I know several photographers who have fallen victim to models gleaning ideas and shooting them with other less creative or less expensive photographers. Most of the time, you'll find the models pleasant and great to work with. Another method of finding top notch, established models is to hit up your local photography club and ask for models that might be interested in working with you.

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